Juvelen isn't your run-of-the-mill male pop musician. He is a bleeding heart romantic, a self-produced and penned artist, and sings mostly in falsetto... a trademark style of Prince, and not really utilized as wholly and interestingly in pop music since he originally slithered his way into our hearts in the 80's. Juvelen is different than Prince, though. Although extremely talented in his writing abilities and his capacity to captivate an audience (with a very careful blend of synths, body oil and shallowly talented ingenues) Prince does not have the loose-fitting, "the-kids-are-alright" cool that Juvelen has seemed to effortlessly adapt.

Hailing from Sweden, Juvelen's pop life is one that I find extremely likeable:

-He began broke and making music from his parents basement.
-He is obsessed with pure pop sounds
-He lavishes in drippy and sentimental lyrics that can make even the iciest of hearts melt.
-He is a bit of a showboat and clearly thrives off of committing to his impulses when he performs.
-He is clearly my hero.

I would truly love and appreciate if you took a moment and had a listen to his incredible album '1', and also watch the video for his new track entitled 'Make U Move' off of his upcoming album.

  Juvelen - 1 by HYBRIS