There is something inherently hot and flirtatious, but also slightly campy about this music. Don't take the camp element the wrong way though, there is no cheese here. It is romanticized without being romantic. It is 80's without being throwback, in a way that raises the bar for contemporary synthpop/electropop producers. It is slick, modern, and, most importantly, really fucking fun. There is an irony in the music that, remarkably, doesn't come across as cold or aloof, but rather like a warm synthy hug.

There is definitely something to be said of an artist making sentimental drippy pop tunes in an industry that is sort of infused with a requisite disconnection from the listener. Today's pop song is not what is was twenty years ago... themes have changed from saving the planet and color-blindness to being unaffected and/or holier-than-thou. In this sea of egos, it is refreshing to find a self-penned male pop artist who is not afraid to grow out of the need to be seen as a "playa" and make some music that actually gets you thinking about what he was feeling when he wrote it.

Matt Van Schie - Saturday Night by Matt Van Schie