I haven't been an incredibly active blogger as of late, as my job has been sort of a life vampire. Due to various life changes I've made, I will now have real time to devote to my true passion: MUSIC. My beloved, darling music, how I have missed thee.

I have had a really interesting year, and really learned a lot about myself in terms of what I really want and what I am willing to do to get there. I dove into a working situation that robbed me of a personal life and the time to do the things I love. I have finally realized that as much as you can think you are going in the right direction and as much as you might think that working hard will get you where you want to be, that there is still this universal law of willing things to life and/or non-existence... That unless I think about it... really perceive it happening, it's not going to happen. When you are in a situation in your life where that intense and massive work you are doing might not be correlated enough to what you actually want and that work is ultimately keeping from your dreams, you need to change gears, no matter how uncomfortable or intense that change might be to you. So all of this hard work can sometimes be for naught, if not for the right reasons. I guess I finally realized that I needed to dive in to the pool. I needed to swim in it. Surround myself with everything that I love. The hard work needs to exist, but it needs to be directly correlated with what I love. Herein lies the reality and the appropriate cliche that we should all do what we love... we should all follow our bliss, wherever it takes us.

My bliss takes me to music in all forms. Listening to, creating, talking about, writing, being inspired by music to create more in the world. I think the most important thing I have learned is how things correlate in the world/universe at large. That you can't have one thing without everything else, and that being able to identify the elements of this synergy and combing them in new ways is what allows creativity and innovation. That we are ALL capable of it, and that without it everything would stop. On that note, It's time for me to reconnect with one of the facets of this experience: This fantastic blog.

Thanks for taking the journey with me, if only for a moment of yours.