I did a post some months back touching on the fact that Beth Ditto's Simian Mobile Disco produced EP would be a pop masterpiece of epic proportions, and let me tell you, Ms. Ditto has not let us down. Some of you know about this EP, and might be thinking that this is old news, but considering that I have had the EP since January (2 months before its proper release) and am STILL bumping this stuff on my iPod, I think Ms. Ditto needs a shout out on the Bebop.

The 4 track aptly titled 'EP' is congruous and cohesive with its polished dance-pop beats and takes Beth to new heights in terms of flat out music quality. Whereas the songs she sang on with 'The Gossip' were of a messier, pop-punk persuasion, with this project she has embarked on fresher and flowerier territory with Simian Mobile Disco pumping out the buffed and shined accompaniment for her shlamazing vocals. The mood is still dark and there is still an element of mystery, but there is something sexy and a bit more light-hearted about Beth's approach to the songs that seems to bring her to a more controlled place than she was able to reach being supported by some of The Gossip's material.

My favorite track on the album is 'Open Heart Surgery', an ode to the complications of the classic "are we or aren't we?" relationship scenario. Please have a listen below!

  Open Heart Surgery by Beth Ditto