Familjen, hailing from Hässleholm and now living in Stockholm, Sweden, has a special place in my heart as he is, like myself, the writer, producer and performer of his material. Although you can hear the (always delicious) Scandinavian influences in his music, the pop dillettante always manages to alter the soundscape with a surprise synth riff, or by abandoning the typical slapback reverb for a long, wide-panning echo that seems to radiate forever. His vocals are likeable... he gives just enough to highlight that, under the surface of his organized sound, his music has a vulnerability to it.

The fact that most of the vocals are in Swedish becomes irrelevant after a few listens as the music is so driving and infectious... It is a strong enough sound to carry the listener and allow them to base their interpretation of the music on Familjen's impeccably charismatic delivery and sentiment. Pair his satisfying blend of disco beats and poppy synth riffs with his refreshingly experimental visual style and performance and you've got yourself a fresh and new pop prince to drool over for the next few months. You're welcome ;)

Please have a listen to the gorgeous 'När planeterna stannat' and watch the pleasantly dark and mysterious (and weirdly sexy, in a neo-goth Fever Ray kinda way) video for 'Huvudet i Sanden' below. I don't think I have ever seen a creature of the night on crutches, let alone one that seems, in moments, remarkably passion-bearing. That being said, I am, apparently, a sucker for athletic, yet docile warewolves as I find this one oddly appealing, and would like very much to have a sit down with him... perhaps with a cup of coffee and a rare flank steak.

Familjen - När planeterna stannat by HYBRIS