Yelle is (finally) back with a new look and a new album set to drop in March. Remarkably, she has somehow managed to maintain the stripped-down-disco feel of her last album without neglecting to provide a totally fresh feel and vibe. Above and beyond the general awesomeness of the new music, her new look (styled by Leslie David and photographed by Grégoire Alexandre), a sort of khaki spacey safari thing, is really just killing me. It is all incredibly fashionable and sleek in an entirely facetious and playful way.

Yelle always seems to pull from the past with her style and sound but always somehow ends up creating art and music that has a futuristic vibe. Check out the title track from 'Safari Disco Club' and the hilarious video for the first single 'La Musique' below.
If you are interested in learning more about the fashion and stylings of Yelle's promotional material, please check out my good friend Emma's AMAZING fashion blog Trés Awesome, where I am honored to be contributing the music/fashion review column Musique á la Mode!

Safari Disco Club by YELLE

YELLE - La Musique from Yelle on Vimeo.