In terms of juicy pop bitches, everyone is all a flutter right now... who is going to reign supreme in 2011? Britney? Gaga? As exciting as pondering this pop princess showdown is for me (and all other high-gloss pop junkies for that matter) I still find myself feeling deserved of something NEW and EXCITING. I have been all over the board as of late, dipping into different realms of the pop landscape to satiate my craving for pop-all-sorts. It has been a while, though, since my weary ears and industry war-torn eyes have been graced by the extremely styled and shamelessly camp pop creations of a juicy new pop diva. Last night that search came to a screeching halt (if only for this week) when my main boo, Mikey, introduced me to Chris Sorbello.

Now hear me out, Chris isn't a Britney or a Gaga. She is something totally different in that, where B&G gun for the cameras and are pulling their legs over their heads, Chris is ever-so-slightly jutting her right shoulder forward and aloofly vogue-ing with her lazily dropped jaw, as if she is stunned by her own lack of emotional investment... All the while, she is styled remarkably beautifully for someone who is still so wet behind the ears. Although professionally, and with regard to her creative team, she is not 100% ready for world domination (Her website and online presence leave much to be desired and her image is still somewhat misguided), her style, sound and allure are undeniable. She has a dark, sparkly neo-disco appeal and, in terms of marketability, a unique beauty that meshes well with that. She executes her vocals with a lovely and breathy ease as she gazes confidently, with a strange and youthful delusion, at the camera. The production of her music is tight and clean and her accompanying music videos respectfully fall in line, showing clear respect to the fact that the music video is, once again, a way to assess one's value in the pop music hierarchy. There is enough experimentation in the music and video to let her stand out, but not so much as to draw comparisons to Gaga. It's as if Fever-era Kylie was corrupted by Supernature-era Goldfrapp, took a Xanax, bought a projector, a smoke machine and some laser machines, and made a pop single. To some of you, this might sound terrifying... but to a pop music junkie like myself: pure delicious disco-pop bliss! Enjoy Chris's video for 'So Lonely' below.