Soundpool is based out of NYC and their most recent release is from last April and is entitled 'Mirrors In Your Eyes'. If you miss the shoegaze daze of pre-Cobain alt-pop, but also can't seem to shake your need for a neodisco fix, Soundpool is the cure to your post-grunge-op addiction. Theirs is creamy, dreamy pop at it's very best. They create airy and smooth atmospheres, thick with reverb and hopeful chord progressions, and tie it together with the big pinkish fluffy bow that is Kim Field's delightfully distracted vocals.

The magic in this music isn't necessarily in its complexity, but rather in its execution and its ability to transport the listener. Please listen to 'But It's So...' and watch the video for 'Sparkle in the Dark' and let yourself go, if only for a few minutes of distraction from your otherwise depressingly banal existance. God, that was SO presumptuously 90's of me.

Soundpool, "But It's So" by killerpimp