Florrie originally began, not as a pop songstress, but as a drummer for the UK pop house phenom Xenomania. After spending some solid time working closely with Fred Falke (who's remixes have been featured somewhat prominently on this site) Florrie has decided to put all of her pop prowess and fancy networking to good use and treat us to some, may I say, very fancy pop music.

Her look is slightly hip, her music is VERY retro pop, her voice is girly and breathy and generally lovely. Florrie is like cotton candy to me... light, sweet and consumable in large quantities :) Please check out the gorgeous Fred Falke remix of 'Panic Attack' and the tracks 'Left Too Late', and 'Summer Nights' from her 'INTRODUCTION' EP below.

Florrie - Florrie Remixes - Panic Attack (Fred Falke Club Mix) - 320kbps by diamonngurr
Florrie - Introduction - Summer Nights - 320kbps by Erin Boy
Florrie - Introduction - Left Too Late - 320kbps by Erin Boy