Kylie Minogue has had such a strange ride in the pop landscape. She is a pop superstar who has, until recently, remained unnoticed by the stateside audience. Outside the United States she has had a career to compete with the likes of Madonna, yet has managed to keep her personal life extremely private. She does not function as a pop culture celebrity, rather as a true pop star. She has, in classic form, maintained that mystery. There is a radiance about her music that is inexplicable. It isn't exactly deep or extremely experimental, nor are her lyrics profound, but that is not why people generally go to her music or what they would ever want from it. Kylie is pure pop, no strings, no expectations, and no map. The music is about you and the moment or a feeling and nothing more. Where Gaga has her command and her monster agenda and her aloofly ironic neo-gothic themes, Kylie is the opposite, wanting nothing more from you than for you to get up, smile and dance your fucking ass off to her music because it just makes you feel so good. As Kylie herself says: "There doesn't have to be a reason... there doesn't have to be a why... and any moment could be magical... it could be this night..."

With Kylie's 11th studio album 'APHRODITE' she has taken the idea of making omgI'mPeakingI'mNeverLeavingTheDancefloor tracks to new heights. What the album may lack in it's initial sense of variety, it makes up for with it's pop sensibility and insane ability to make any die-hard pop junkie hit new discotheque heights.

With this I leave you 'Can't Beat the Feeling', a juicy, jumpy, hands-in-the-air disco joyfest, and the last track of the new album, and the video for 'All the Lovers' Aphrodite's lead-in single.

Can't Beat The Feeling - Kylie Minogue by suprem.angel