Tesla Boy is a radical New Wave/Electropop band from Russia. Anton Sevidov (principal writer, vocalist and keyboardist), Leo Zatagin (bassist) and Mike Syudnitsyn (drums, backing vocals) are responsible, not only for the music, but for the entire outfit including marketing and promotion and styling... clearly this is my kind of gig ;) The only thing sexier than a New Waver, is a DIY New Waver.

The thing I find incredible about their music is that the majority of its inspiration clearly draws from music released in the Western hemisphere in the 80's, and at that time, this music was inaccessible to much of Russia, including Moscow, where the band was raised. Per the band's personal statement: 

"The band is a product of the next generation Russian youth growing up in 80's and 90's Moscow, influenced by formerly inaccessible Western music against a backdrop of dramatic changes taking place in Russia when the Cold War came to a close and the Soviet Union was no more. A new acceptance of music, fashions, and culture from all around the world embraced Western pop culture which had an overwhelming impact on the young musicians who hungrily sought out as much pop and synth music from abroad as they could find"

...this music just got even more radical, which I thought was impossible.

Aside from any historical sentimentality, the music is what powers through with Tesla Boy. With a clear penchant for Roland synths and drippy pre-emo vocal stylings, the music is transportive, stylish, and highly familiar, but simultaneously maintains a unique steely and echoey blaze throughout its production. The album that has the most potent initial hook, and really establishes their brand of music would have to be 'Modern Thrills' but quite honestly their entire catalogue is chock full of hits.

Check out their newest single '1991' and its remixes. Also give 'Fantasy' and 'Split' a listen, and watch the videos for 'Thinking of You', 'Electric Lady' and 'Another Light' below. Also included is the hour long Tesla Boy mixtape, a great way to introduce yourself to his collection. Enjoy and try not to blow your electroloads, dearest Bebopperz.