Hailing from Londontown, Alunageorge is fiercely bringing the groove back to electropop, which has been highlighted by their recent shortlisting for consideration of being awarded the 2013 BRIT Awards Critic's Choice award. With their clear awareness of trip-hop and their predilection for seductive grooves, Alunageorge is poised to become something of a bolt-out-of-the-blue hit in 2013.

George Reid's brilliant and enticing production harkens back to the bitter and warmly acidic romance of Portishead without the referential samples and downtempo tendencies, While Aluna Francis lays down vocals that pierce viscerally through the gut of the music with incredible intimacy.

With their clear excitement and eagerness to experiment, and willingness to collaborate with other artists, I have faith that Alunageorge will not disappoint with their upcoming releases.

Please have a listen to 'You Know You Like It' and 'Whitenoise' (a collaboration the duo produced with Disclosure)  and please check out the cooler-than-thou (and v. 90's in a cinematic Jean-Baptiste Mondino kind of way) videos for 'Just a Touch' and 'Your Drums, Your Love'. Don't die from coolness overload, dear beboppers.