When Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles came together to create the music for DISCOVERY LP, it is clear that they were both looking to pull away from the darker-edged music of their respective bands. I was listening to my Yacht Radio Pandora station when I first heard them... 'Swing Tree' began with its delightful blippy shuffle and round muffled bass and I was immediately in love. In terms of songs of this genre and style from this era of music, the only thing that comes close to its unabashed playfulness would be some of the earlier works of The Knife and, in terms of vocals, BegoneDullCare-era Junior Boys.

I have included two tracks for you to enjoy. The aforementioned 'Swing Tree' and another gem entitled 'Osaka Loop Line', which is a juicy, ever-changing, moogy synth-heavy (and somewhat stalkerish) homage to pre-relationship infatuation.

Discovery - Swing Tree by agcs
Osaka Loop Line - Discovery by musicnomad