I have been a huge fan of Cut Copy since their 2004 debut album 'Bright Like Neon Love'. They have always had this really great balance of post-punk and new wave and they always boil it down to a consistency of general awesomesauce. To be honest, it wasn't until I received a reassuring nudge from my good friend Jeffrey, that I grew to love their newest album 'Zonoscope'. It isn't that they aren't producing quality work with this new project... I suppose it was more about it not being as transcendental and peak-filled as the stuff from 'In Ghost Colors'. On 'Zonoscope', they strip it back a bit, bringing more vintage filters and mid-tempo styles into the mix. Even though it is a departure from their echoey, icey, dancefloor-explosive-filled electrohouse, it is still very much them. It's almost harkening back to their 'Neon Love' days, but warmer and with a freshly stocked arsenal of sounds and tools, and the newly found ability (I feel discovered by them, respectively, on 'In Ghost Colors') to peak a song to its absolute zenith. I feel like Dan Whitford (frontman/lead singer) is also exploring some new vocal styles. I truly love the sort of exhausted pining intensity he seems to effortlessly affect his vocals with. I can't help but notice how similar his voice sounds to Andy McClusky, lead vocalist of OMD. I, of course, don't mind this one bit :)

Please watch the oh-so-paradoxical video for 'Need You Now', and listen to their new gorgeous album, in full, below!

Cut Copy - Zonoscope by modularpeople