Originally hailing from Sierra Leone, Brit-chic singer-songwriter Aminata 'Amy' Kabba, a.k.a. A*M*E, got an unlikely start in the music industry writing for K-Pop artists, most notably penning the song "Beautiful Stranger", which was a hit for the extremely successful Korean pop group f(x). Since then, Kabba has been hard at work on a new album, slated for a 2013 release. Her signature mixing of hard-edged electropop grooves, old-school samplings and K-pop charms has her poised to be the breakout act of 2013.

A*M*E sites the K-pop genre as being hugely influential, stating "I love my K-pop..." and that "...There's influences from [K-pop] in my music - I've got some fat, solid, six-part melodies which are very K-poppy." Other influences include Beyoncé, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Big Bang. She also, apparently, worships Janet Jackson, often referring to her as her "idol".

Please enjoy A*M*E's video for 'Play the Game Boy' below. If this juicy, chunky, high-gloss delight is indicative of what's to come, we are all in for a MAJOR toothache this 2013.